Website designers & other creatives

Openhive - A portal site for London freelance design talent
Suspiremedia website design - accessible website design at it's finest from our talented friends at Suspire Media
Frieze website & multimedia design - multimedia, Flash, music and not forgetting the ever popular Flashskins too
Fluster web design - Database and CMS coding for dynamic websites. Specialists in the Arts sector.
Red Planet - award winning London-based multimedia production team
Paul Tucker photography - talented UK photographer
Jackfruit Design - a small web design and development studio based in Bristol (check out the - blog too)

Charities & non-profit Organisations

Greenpeace - Intrepid & fearless, the leading environmental campaigners since the seventies
Medecins sans Frontieres - One of our favourite global Charities
Friends of the Earth - Key British environmental Organisation
playpumps - Provide essential water and have fun in the process!
Great Ormond Street Hospital for children - An international centre of excellence for treating sick children and teaching and training children's specialists. The largest centre for research into childhood illness outside the United States.
Liberty - British campaign Organisation for equality & human rights

Design related sites

www.britishdesign.co.uk - BDI - British Design Innovation website
www.design-council.org.uk/ - The British Design Council
UKWDA - UK Web Design association


Lastfm.com - Fantastic resource for finding new music
Spotify - Excellent digital music resource
Harvey Brough - A Metacosm client who is a talented Musician / Composer

Resources for businesses

http://www.bytestart.co.uk - How to start a business in the UK. Useful advice and help for startups.
http://www.contracteye.co.uk - IT Contractor Advice, including Managed Service Company and IR35 Information
http://www.businesslink4london.com/ - Small business support and advice service for London

Web safety resources

Get safe online - essential web security advice
www.kidsmart.org.uk/ - safety information for young people, parents, carers & teachers

Galleries & Museums

Louisiana gallery in Denmark - amazing gallery in a beautiful location. Personal fave.
Arken gallery - my other fave in Denmark, also right by the sea. Another favourite.
Design museum London - Funny how all my favourites seem to be close to water..

Other stuff..

Derren Brown - Man of many gifts..
Richard Wiseman - popular British psychologist and writer
www.b3ta.com - diversions and weirdness of all kinds
The Onion - 'America's finest news source' - genius
Boingboing - Tech, Culture, News, Art, Design, etc. Essential
Charlie Brooker - Our favourite columnist, tv critic and all-round comedy genius/grouch
Graham Linehan - The writer responsible for much of the best of Brit comedy over the past decade