Website Design

Website Design

We have been building effective websites for clients from many sectors for almost ten years. During that time the web has evolved in many ways and so have the needs and requirements for any online business or organisation.

Some key elements do remain the same however; people want to deal with someone who listens and really tries to understand their particular requirements. They also look for value for money, more now than ever in this challenging and competitve global market place. They certainly appreciate good advice and assistance at every stage in how to manke the best use of the web to promote a message, service or product. Finally they like to have jargon-free technical guidance and support so they can focus on results rather than the geeky stuff.

We always endeavour to deliver on these goals and make sure every website we build will create a positive impression and deliver an effective user experience.

All our websites are build to the latest web standards and combine the best of current technologies and approaches to ensure the site works consistently across all current Web Browsers and platforms.

Whether you need a small and simple brochure style website, or an all singing and dancing multimedia extravaganza, the Metacosm team can deliver. See our portfolio for examples of our work.

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